So this weekend is my 36th birthday, and my 1 year wedding anniversary. I have spent some time today pondering what all I have done with my life in the 36 years I have been alive.
I have loved with all my heart.
I have had my heart broken.
I have picked myself up and pushed forward despite the wounds I have suffered.
I have learned to love again.
I have dedicated my life to art and crafts.
I have struggled to find which one fills my heart with joy. Drawing, painting, sewing, jewelry making, photography, sculpting, knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, carving, writing and more have passed through my hands in one form or another.
I have honed my skill as a jewelry maker; beads have been a passion of mine for aaaaaaages. They still are.
I have found my love in writing, poems and short stories, I’ve even tried my hand at a novel or two. Now I combine several of my favorite arts into a comic, which I look forward to working on for years to come.
I have made friends, and lost some. I have learned to be wary with my heart, but not afraid to give.
I have known fear that makes the heart miss a beat.
I have known anguish that makes you feel as if you were dying.
I have laughed hard enough I cried and hugged someone in such a way that I felt like I was being remade.
I have sat in silence and watched the stars fall from the sky.
I have worked in several different fields and built my marketable skills through each job.
I have lost the job I loved the most, only to find one that nearly equals it in joy.
I have learned that Role Play can be a lifesaver in more ways than one.
I have studied my faith in detail and with no small amount of obsession.
I have headed up a local congregation of faith and I have sat out upon the stones alone.
I have made a group of sisters from strangers and their support is priceless.
I continue to work on the relationships I have established over the last few decades and know in my heart that the work I do is for the best.
I have learned that no matter the culture or nation we hail from, human experience translates through emotion. We are frail little creatures clutching the thin surface of a giant rock, hurdling through space and time at unimaginable speeds. We are an anomaly of science in this vast universe and we are WAY to focused on the small piddly shit to notice.
36 years, my friends, no where near done, yet far enough along to know I’ve made some progress.
Not bad.


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