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Life has been crazy here!  Between settling into a new job, getting ready for the wedding and getting ready to move life has been busy, busy, busy!  Still,  I am still finding time to make beautiful things! I need to take pictures of all my earrings for sale but the storms recently have kept the sun out of sight which makes for very dark and uninspired pictures.  Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to get some good photos and upload them to the webpage.

Until then, here is a teaser of what is coming!  I loved making these guys.  Fun, lightweight and super sparkly!

A lovely article about the Jeweled Heron by Lisa Walker England! It was a delight to work with her on this piece. She makes me sound amazing! *laughs*

 Originally posted on Lisa Walker England:

Sometimes, it’s refreshing to break outside your own sphere of creativity and step into someone else’s. This week, I’m excited to enter the world of Heather Surma, the talented jewelry artist behind The Jeweled Heron.

“I have been making jewelry in one form or another since I was eight years old,” explains Heather from her home in Wisconsin. “My grandmother encouraged me by purchasing all the beads Jo-Ann Fabrics had when they were going out of business down by where I lived. I still remember her sweeping them into the cart armfulls at a time. My eyes must have been huge!”

To this day, Heather feels the weight of that investment, and the pride and faith her grandmother demonstrated through it. 

“I have always wanted to repay that kindness by making beautiful things.”

It’s not surprising, either, that Heather come from a family of creators. Her mother painted ceramics and her grandfather painted canvas, while…

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Last Friday I had the honor of having a Jewelry Party for one of my friends and her Mother-in-Law.  She decided that she wanted to try her hand at the Super Simple Bracelet and was quick to gather some friends to join her!

It was a blast!  We had some amazing snacks and drinks while we worked on our bracelets and I think they all did a wonderful job!

Thank you ladies for letting me share with you my obsession with beads!


Finally finished EllaD2’s Morning Glory Pattern.  The petals were a little unstable when completed so I added a few crystals to keep it from wobbling when worn.  I love the extra sparkle!

This pattern was definitely easier the second time around but it still takes a whole lot of time to complete.  This piece can be made into a necklace or if you prefer, a brooch or hairpin!  I should have it up on the webpage soon!

As of today I’ve got all my current stock of bracelets and necklaces up but for four. I should be taking those photos soon.

Bracelets still to be posted:

Diamond Tila Bracelet in Black and White (yeah, hard to photograph a black and white bracelet…who knew?) Twinix Bracelet in Blues and Bronze Super Simple Bracelet in Turquoise Kyra Bracelet in Bronze and Blues

Apparently I’ve got a thing for bronze recently. *chuckles*

I also need to finish up the Zonnetje pendant and take photos of that one. But here is a sneak peek of the work in progress.


It’s a beautiful pattern by EllaD2, the colors remind me of the ocean.  I’ll be adding a chain and a few hand-stitched beads to finish it off.

I’m finishing up the Morning Glory pendant this afternoon if all goes well.

I still have to take photos of the earrings and post those, I need to find the best way to photograph them, but the sun isn’t out today so it will have to wait until she returns.

I have so many ideas to take to the workbench, this is just the start!  I’m looking at a line of phone covers as well, as I have found a lovely set of cross stitch phone covers that would work fantastically with beads!

I need to check to see if the local store got any of the Green Iris Superduos yet so I can finish the first Kyra Bracelet I started.  THAT one is a beauty!

So much to do!

I have added a gallery of all the patterns that are available for custom order.  Just click the ‘Gallery’ link in the navigation bar above, choose your design, your colors and I’ll make you your own personal piece!  This option is great for folks who want something to go with a specific outfit or for a special occasion!

Custom Orders work like this:

Pick out the design and send me an email with the design you want and the colors you would like it in.  If it needs to match an outfit send me a picture of the outfit so I can match the colors as best as I can. (If this is a One-of-a-Kind Order I will work with you to create a sketch that I will work from to create your piece.) Once we have decided what the piece will look like, I will send you an invoice.  To start the creation I will need a 50% deposit up front.  This fee is non-refundable.  Once the deposit is received I will begin the creation of your very own piece!  This step typically takes a week. Once the piece is finished, I will photograph it and send it to you for approval.  Once approved, the rest of the balance will be due. Once I have received the final balance I will ship the piece to you.  All our shipping is done through USPS and includes insurance.  The picture of your bracelet will be added to the pattern page on the gallery so folks can see examples of what has been done!

New designs are added when we get them so be sure to watch our blog or our other social media outlets for updates!

I love being organized, I’m a bit of a freak like that.  My heart jumps a bit at bins and boxes.  Needless to say I have been having a BLAST getting geared up for my first big reveal.  I have totally revamped The Jeweled Heron.  I am going to put everything I have learned from being self employed for 10+ years behind making this business successful.

With that in mind I’ve been beading like mad.  My etsy store is currently empty because I am making my own webpage to sell from and because all those stale offerings needed better pictures and descriptions.  I have a lot more to offer beyond what the shop held before.  I’ve branched out from simple flat peyote to more dimensional work.  I’m super excited to show you all what I have in store.  I will announce the big reveal when it is closer to happening!  Till then keep an eye on whatever social media outlet you prefer.  I have been posting my progress on my Tumblr and Facebook pages, as well as Instagram and Twitter.  Once the new webpage is up and running it will be used as a hub to get folks to their preferred outlet.

Some other organizing I’ve been doing is to get my pintrest board organized.  I’ve been throwing all jewelry related stuff into one folder and while that makes for a pretty amazing folder, it is also pretty clunky and hard to search through.  I have decided to break it up into three folders instead.  One for beadweaving, one for chainmaille, one for wirewrapping, and one for general jewelry.  I will also have one just for the Jeweled Heron pieces, but that one is currently empty until I get the pieces up for sale.  (Oooooh! Big reveal coming soon!) SO much easier to find things that way.

I have also been working on setting up a Jewelry Show program with incentives for Host/esses to hold parties.  More details on that to come.  I am very excited about that as hosting a party means you have the chance to earn free jewelry!  Who doesn’t love free jewelry?

I am still open for teaching basics to those who wish to learn.  I love teaching and find that when I share my love for the creation process it keeps me from burning out on it!  If you are interested in learning more about hosting a Beading Party drop me a line!

Things are slowly starting to work their way into a very good place.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Life is too short to do maybe’s, or I wishes.  I am going to be 35 years old this year, and while I fully expect to live at least another 35, I don’t want to waste another moment on anything that isn’t going to get me where I want to be in life.

Beads have always been a source of sanity for me.  Way back when I was an 8 year old kiddo I started using beads as therapy.  To help focus my thoughts, and to make me feel like there is beauty in a world that didn’t seem all that beautiful.

I still do that today.

Beads are a prayer.  A prayer that despite all the negativity and all the horrors that exist in this world, that someone will look at this tiny piece of glass or rock and see something beautiful.  Something worthy.  That they will understand that not everything has to be dark and scary.  Beads are a reminder that even though it might seem like life is focused on blood and bombs and pain, it also has joy, and light, and laughter.

At least.  They are for me.  Perhaps they can be a reminder for you too.

If all I accomplish in my life is creating reminders that life is full of goodness and joy in a time when it’s hard to see it as such, then I will not feel as if the short time I spent here on this planet was a waste.

So say I.