A lovely article about the Jeweled Heron by Lisa Walker England! It was a delight to work with her on this piece. She makes me sound amazing! *laughs*

 Originally posted on Lisa Walker England:

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 9.45.16 PMSometimes, it’s refreshing to break outside your own sphere of creativity and step into someone else’s. This week, I’m excited to enter the world of Heather Surma, the talented jewelry artist behind The Jeweled Heron.

“I have been making jewelry in one form or another since I was eight years old,” explains Heather from her home in Wisconsin. “My grandmother encouraged me by purchasing all the beads Jo-Ann Fabrics had when they were going out of business down by where I lived. I still remember her sweeping them into the cart armfulls at a time. My eyes must have been huge!”

To this day, Heather feels the weight of that investment, and the pride and faith her grandmother demonstrated through it. 

“I have always wanted to repay that kindness by making beautiful things.”

It’s not surprising, either, that Heather come from a family of creators. Her mother painted ceramics and her grandfather painted canvas, while…

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