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I wanted to create a list of beads currently available for beaders who do stitchwork.  So I sat down and started making the list, adding definitions and pondering taking pictures to link to each type of bead when I realized that this was a monumental task.  There are SO many beads out there that stitchworkers can use it would take ages to put them all in one spot.

So I have decided to create a list of beads that I have worked with, or that I would like to work with in the future.  That is still a huge list, but it is much more manageable than trying to get all the beads available.  Feel free to list beads in the comments that you think I might enjoy working with that I have missed off the list and I will do my best to research them.  If you would like to see what the beads look like, I have linked the company’s website I gathered the information off of.  These are not necessarily the best websites to ~buy~ these beads at however, so if you would like to purchase the beads, there are other websites that work best for that.  These websites are the company’s websites and usually only deal with other realtors who can afford to buy in bulk.  I make no money advertising for these folks, they are simply the companies that make the beads we know and love.

With all that out of the way, we can start with the good stuff!

First, let’s get some information on each type of bead.

All quotes are from Wikipedia:

Seed beads:

Seed beads are uniformly shaped, spheroidal beads ranging in size from under a millimeter to several millimeters. Most contemporary high-quality seed beads are made in Japan, India, or the Czech Republic. The largest size of a seed bead is 1° (“one-aught”, sometimes written 1/0) and the smallest is 24°, about the size of a grain of sand.[1] However, seed beads that are size 5° or 6° are usually called “pony beads” rather than “seed beads”; the next larger class of seed beads, from 3° to 4°, are usually called “trade beads”; the largest class of seed beads, including 1°, 2°, and anything larger, are usually referred to as “crow beads.” Most modern seed bead work is done using seed beads ranging in sizes 6°, 8°, 11°, 12°, 13° and 15°. Sizes 6°, 8° and 11° are often used in beaded knitting, as well as bead knitting. The extremely small class of seed beads smaller than 15° have not been in production since the 1890s and any in existence are usually considered antiques.[2] Japanese seed beads are generally more uniform in size, shape, and finish as well as having larger holes than Czech seed beads of the same size, but the Japanese make fewer styles.

Cylinder Beads:

During the last decade, a new shape of Japanese seed bead, the cylinder bead, has become increasingly popular. They were invented by Masayoshi Katsuoka of the Miyuki Shoji Company in the 1980s.[1] Unlike regular rounded seed beads, the cylinder beads are quite uniform in shape and size and have large holes for their size. Their flattened ends mean that work created with cylinder beads has a flat, smooth texture. Rows and columns in weaving line up more uniformly, so pattern work comes out more accurate and even. These beads are often more expensive than round seed beads.

There are now three versions of cylinder beads:

– Delica made by Miyuki. Delicas are currently made in four sizes:
– Treasures (formerly Antiques) is the brand name of cylindrical beads made by Toho[1]
– Aiko – an new, precise-cut bead made by Toho, that comes in hundreds of colors,[1] introduced in 2005.

Bugle beads:

Bugle beads are longer than they are thick, creating a tubular shape. They have different lengths but often range from 1/2″ to 2″ in length, and may be twisted.

On to the Lists!  Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list.  This is just beads I have used to make my creations in the past, and a few I have my eyes on for making things in the future.

15/0 Round Rocailles
11/0 Round Rocailles
8/0 Round Rocailles
6/0 Round Rocailles
5/0 Round Rocailles
1/0 Round Rocailles
11/0 Hexagon
8/0 Hexagon
3mm Bugle
6mm Bugle
12mm Bugle
30mm Long Bugle
2.8mm Drop Beads
3.4mm Drop Beads
3.4 Long Drop Beads
3mm Magatama Beads
4mm Magatama Beads
5mm Magatama Beads
4x7mm Long Magatama Beads
10/0 Triangle Beads
8/0 Triangle Beads
5/0 Triangle Beads
10/0 Sharp Triangle
8/0 Sharp Triangle
5/0 Sharp Triangle
1.8×1.8×1.8 Square Beads
3x3x3 Square Beads
4x4x4 Square Beads
2.0x6mm Twist Bugle Beads
2.0x9mm Twist Bugle Beads
2.0x12mm Twist Bugle Beads
2.7x12mm Twist Bugle Beads
3.4x12mm Twist Bugle Beads
2.7x20mm Twist Bugle Beads
3.4x20mm Twist Bugle Beads
10/0 Twist Bead
Macrame Beads
15/0 Delicas
15/0 Cut Delicas
11/0 Delicas
11/0 Cut Delicas
10/0 Delicas
10/0 Cut Delicas
8/0 Delicas
8/0 Cut Delicas
10/0 3 Cut Beads
Tila Beads
Half Tila Beads
Berry Beads

Swarovski Beads:
2mm Bicone 5301
3mm Bicone 5301
4mm Bicone 5301
6mm Bicone 5301
8mm Bicone 5301
12mm Bicone 5301
2mm Bicone Xilion 5328
3mm Bicone Xilion 5328
4mm Bicone Xilion 5328
5mm Bicone Xilion 5328
6mm Bicone Xilion 5328
8mm Bicone Xilion 5328
10mm Bicone Xillion 5328
4mm Cube 5601
6mm Cube 5601
8mm Cube 5601
10mm Cube 5601
12mm Cube 5601
4mm Helix 5020
6mm Helix 5020
8mm Helix 5020
10mm Helix 5020
12mm Helix 5020
2mm Rounds 5000
3mm Rounds 5000
4mm Rounds 5000
6mm Rounds 5000
8mm Rounds 5000
10mm Rounds 5000
12mm Rounds 5000
14mm Rounds 5000
8mm Chessboard Round 5005
12mm Chessboard Round 5005
16mm Chessboard Round 5005

Swarovski Pearls:
3mm Round Pearls
4mm Round Pearls
5mm Round Pearls
6mm Round Pearls
8mm Round Pearls
Teardrop Pearls

15/0 Round
11/0 Round
6/0 Round
3/0 Round
8/0 Round
1.5mm Cubes
3mm Cubes
4mm Cubes
3mm Magatamas
4mm Magatamas
11/0 Triangle
8/0 Triangle
11/0 Hex
8/0 Hex
11/0 Treasures
3mm Treasures
#1 Bugle
#2 Bugle
#3 Bugle
#3 Twisted Bugle
2mm Bugle

Czech Pressed Beads:
Two-Hole Daggers
Tear Drops
Angel Wings
Dime beads
Pinch Beads
Duck Bills
Rose Petals
Super Duos
Super Unos
Mini Duos
6mm Two Hole Pyramid Studs
8mm Two Hole Pyramid Studs
12mm Two Hole Pyramid Studs

Czech Firepolished:
Gemstone Donut
Antique Style Facetted
Antique Style Octagonal
Facetted Crow
Antique Style Triangle
German Style Triangle
Faceted Cubes

Czech Machine Cut Beads:
3/3mm Bicone
4/4mm Bicone
5/5mm Bicone
6/6mm Bicone
5/3mm Spacer
4mm Round
6mm Round
6/10mm Teardrop
9/18mm Teardrop

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